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I offer the following services to all businesses. Whether you are a new start-up looking for some initial advice, or an established business seeking a change of a provider contact me and we can talk through your individual requirements. 


For most businesses, the preparation and filing of annual accounts is a both a mundane and daunting task. Ongoing bookkeeping and record keeping seems to detract from the actual running of the business itself but is, of course, a necessary evil. I can do all of this for you.

However, as an accountant where value can really be added is through the provision of regular and frequent management accounts, which are more ‘forward looking’ and allow you to plan and stay one step ahead of the game. 

• Preparation of statutory accounts for Companies

• Sole trader and Partnership accounts

• Provision of a range of Bookkeeping services

• Company secretarial tasks (including preparation and filing of all returns)

• Regular management information, as well as budgets and forecasts.


I can provide a whole range of taxation services to ensure that you are both complying with HMRCs requirements and deadlines and are as tax-efficient as possible. 

• Preparation and filing of corporation tax returns

• Self-assessment returns

• Partnership returns

• VAT return preparation

• Tax planning advice

• Capital Gains Tax

• Inheritance Tax planning.

Business start-up

As you know well, setting up a business is a both an exciting and risky venture. Your time is limited, and there is so much to have to concentrate on. Often one of the last things you want to have to worry about is detailed financial matters. This is where the right accountant can remove a lot of the stress and worry, as well as freeing up your time to focus on the venture itself. A crucial but often overlooked task is designing an accounting system (both software and controls) that works for the business, and one which runs smoothly and efficiently.

• Preparation of business plans and forecasts to support financing

• Advice on a suitable structure (Sole trader vs Limited Company)

• Completion of all registration requirements with HMRC and Companies House

• Setting up a bookkeeping system which is tailored to your business.


If you employ staff, or even if you are a single director company, payroll is often more cost effective to outsource. As an area, it can seem unnecessarily complicated and keeping up to date with the numerous changes is time consuming. As an employer though, you are responsible to HMRC for any mistakes. Let me take the burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on running your business. I offer a range of tailored services:

• Careful remuneration planning and tax-efficient advice

• Calculation of all amounts owing to both employees and HMRC

• Payslips for employees

• Filing of RTI (Real Time Information) with HMRC

• Detailed analysis of staff costs

• Preparation of annual forms (e.g. P60, P11D etc).

Business Advice and Internal Audit

To my mind, the two go hand in hand. Many accountancy firms offer a vague suggestion of ‘business advice’, but what do they actually provide? I believe that any advice given should be structured and quantifiable.

• Business start-up advice, including the design of both information and internal control systems

• Ongoing analysis of both revenues and costs with a view to providing tangible benefits to the business and improvement in efficiency and profitability

• Regular monitoring to ensure the internal control environment evolves as the business grows and changes.

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